Brazil’s defense industry booms

Brazil’s defense industry is booming, fueled by government incentives to modernize the country’s armed forces and develop a robust, export-oriented military industrial complex.

“Companies are happy. There is a determination to grow and invest. Five years ago, it was the opposite,” said Carlos Pieratoni Gamboa, vice-president of the Brazilian Association of Defense and Security Equipment (Abimde).


“There is a clear movement of foreign firms seeking partnerships with Brazilian counterparts,” a strategy which offers technology transfer to Brazil while foreigners gain access to government contracts that give priority to the domestic industry, Oswaldo Luiz Guimaraes, engineering manager at the Brazilian firm Jaragua, told AFP.

Jaragua, which has been boosting its defense activities, launched a joint venture with the Italian firm Oto Melara to produce cannons in Brazil and set up a maintenance center for Latin America.

Brazil sees its neighbors and other emerging countries as natural markets for its products and has stepped up military and industrial cooperation with them.

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