Russia Prepared for Possible Economic Meltdown – Putin

Soviet propaganda outlet, RIA Novosti, bringing attention to Russia in a light that presents the nation as a possibile savior should the world economy go down tomorrow:

Russia may became a so-called tugboat for the global economy as the country is seen by foreign investors as a state with a growing consumer market, upgrading industrial sector and improving investment climate, Head of Europe, Middle East & Africa for Japan’s Mizuho Corporate Bank, Atsushi Narikawa, said on Wednesday.

“Although there are still many problems, we expect that Russia could play a role of a tug for world economy in future owing to improvement [of the investment climate and industrial upgrade],” Narikawa told RIA Novosti.

“Russia with its breathtaking economic growth in recent years is one of the most important markets for Mizuho Corporate Bank. There is no coincidence in that, as the bank’s achievements in Russia have grown rapidly in recent years,” he added.

Full article: Russia Prepared for Possible Economic Meltdown – Putin (RIA Novosti)

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