Islamist takeover complete: Morsi Fires Top Defense Brass

Whether you were for or against the old regime is a moot point. Any remaining stabillity has now been completely undermined and done away with. Say goodbye to 30 years of stable peace in the Arab region. It has also been reported that Egyptian tanks have now been moved to the Israeli border.

Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi has sacked the entire leadership of the country’s defense establishment.

Among the officials and officers fired are Defense Minister Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, and Chief of Staff Sami Anan.

Morsi appointed Abdul-Fatah al-Sessi as Defense Minister and Lieutenant-General Sidki Sayed Ahmed as Army Chief of Staff. A judge named Mahmoud Mekki was appointed vice president. Morsi also ordered the retirement of the commanders of the navy, air defense and air force. The retired navy commander, Lieutenant-General Mohan Mameesh, was named as chairman of the Suez Canal.

Morsi also cancelled all constitutional changes that gave the military enlarged powers.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi appears to be wasting no time in consolidating his hold over power at the expense of the military, which many hoped would be a moderating power over him.

Full article: Islamist takeover complete: Morsi Fires Top Defense Brass (Arutz Sheva 7)

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