Taiwan to build ‘stealth’ warship fleet

The motivation to defend the country has merit and should be at all cost, however, this will only provide extra targets for the dozens of high tech submarines China has launched over the last five years — as well as the tens of thousands of missiles pointed at the island and aircraft carrier killers. Regardless, this goes to show that the United States, as even viewed through Israel with their Middle East situation, with this current White House administration cannot be counted on as a reliable and stable partner in the face of an increasingly aggressive neighboring threat. Countries are looking elsewhere or towards themselves. In this case, Red China.

Taiwan is to build 12 new “stealth” warships in reaction to China’s naval build-up, the island’s navy announced Tuesday.

Navy Captain Chu Hsu-ming told reporters Lung Teh Shipbuilding Co, a private firm, has been awarded a Tw$890 million ($30.1 million) contract for the construction of the first 500-tonne corvette, with delivery slated for 2014.

The prototype will be the first of 12 such twin-hulled boats, which the designer said are hard to detect on radar.

Each of the vessels will be armed with up to eight Hsiung Feng (Brave Wind) III anti-ship supersonic missiles as well as eight Hsiung Feng IIs.

Full article: Taiwan to build ‘stealth’ warship fleet (Defence Talk)

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