Committee Ruling Chinese Communist Party May Reduce to Seven – Factional power shift will benefit Hu Jintao

The report also said that more Party officials have requested that the number of PSC members be cut from nine to seven so that decisions and polices can be “implemented faster and better.”

Actually, prior to the 16th Party Congress, the PSC had been a seven-member committee. It was former Party leader Jiang Zemin who added two extra members.

According to Chinese dissident Song Yuxuan, who lives outside China, Jiang pushed the appointments of Li Changchun and Luo Gan, as those two men would continue Jiang’s persecution of Falun Gong and support Jiang, Song told The Epoch Times.

Li Changchun, as the head of the Central Propaganda Department, has played an important role in controlling media and guiding public opinion in China. “If not for Li Changchun’s roles [as both Propaganda Minister and PSC member], Hu would have been able to directly arrange the Central Propaganda Department to influence public opinion himself,” Song said.

Song said if the PSC is to be restored to a seven-member organization, except for Xi Jinping, the most discussed members are all part of the Youth League faction headed by Hu Jintao, and Hu will have the opportunity to completely remove Jiang’s faction from the top CCP ruling committee.

Liu Yinquan, a former professor in history at Shandong University and now secretary of the China Social Democratic Party, which is based outside China, agrees.

“In the past 10 years, Hu had to do things as Jiang wishes before he decided things,” Lin told the New York-based New Tang Dynasty TV. “There were even rumors about coup attempts against Hu. These were very cruel facts. If the PSC has only seven members, it will be beneficial for Hu and Wen”

Liu thinks that those remaining on the PSC loyal to Jiang will be removed if the reduction is made.

Recently many members of Jiang’s faction, who serve as regional officials as well as in the military, have pledged their loyalty to Hu.

Jiang Zemin hasn’t been heard from in several months and is said to be in a vegetative state.

Full article: Committee Ruling Chinese Communist Party May Reduce to Seven – Factional power shift will benefit Hu Jintao (Epoch Times)

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