China was top investor in Germany last year: agency

Germany is the economic heart of the EU and the Euro has been called the worlds second reserve currency by the IMF. It’s no secret that China is divesting from the US Dollar, T-Bonds and the like as it continues economic warfare. The EU is their alternative investment and it is increasing its holdings in both frequency and volume. China has also called for the creation of Eurobonds in the past which is likely a means to achieve the end of the US’ global economic hegemony.

Germany has the manufacturing, the technology and is the second highest holder of gold reserves in the world. It is also the most populated country, the most forward thinking and focused of all with a clear sense of destiny in Europe — and it’s becoming increasingly awash in cash from foreign investment. While most eyes are fixated on the rise of China in belief that it will be the next dominant world super power, people might be in for a shock as Germany could very well take that crown.

China was the top foreign investor in Germany in 2011, ahead of the United States, Switzerland and France, the government development agency Germany Trade & Invest said on Thursday.

China invested in 158 projects, while the US invested in 110, Switzerland in 91 and France in 53, GTAI said in a statement.

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