Israel and Iran: Everyone Is Asking the Wrong Question

Should any hostile nation in the region or their respective terrorist proxies (Hezbollah/Hamas) go beyond conventional warfare and use chemical or biological weapons that could result in depopulating entire cities, they will have crossed the line drawn in the sand of warfare. For those that pay heed to Bible prophecy, one must also consider a nuclear strike on Syria as well, in particular the city of Damascus. Isaiah 17:1 underscores this point.

No private citizen is truly in a position to judge the rationality and the intentions of a government such as is now in control of Iran. The opacity of lines of responsibility and decision making processes in Iran make such a judgment properly within the purview of national intelligence organizations of the various sovereign governments. With that said, the public statements of the Iranian leadership lead me to believe that they will not be diverted from their goal of achieving nuclear weapons. The same public statements also do not engender much confidence in the rationality or judgment of Iran’s leadership.

The history of the Israeli state and its location in a sea of enemies has in an almost unique way trained the leaders of Israel to think the unthinkable. If Israel determines the Iranian nuclear program is in fact a threat to its very existence, then it will strike, and strike in such a manner as to be successful. This will require nuclear weapons. If Israel determines it can live with Iran as a nuclear state, then expect there to be no overt military action but a continuing series of low-level sabotage and covert intelligence actions.

Full article: Israel and Iran: Everyone Is Asking the Wrong Question (Foreign Policy Research Institute)

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