It’s too late for other Europeans to be as efficient as Germans

While some see China or Russia becoming the next dominant world super power(s), the core of what drives Europe (Germany) is more likely poised to take the stage. People have disdain for cheap quality Chinese products flooding the world, and also being a health issue (lead contaminants). After the middle east, Russia is mainly a leading energy provider in gas and oil as well as a weapons salesman/proliferator to enemies of the west. There is also a large distrust of Chinese and Russian intentions globally in general. After China, Germany is the second largest exporter and represents one of the top five largest economies in the world

To put in perspective how far their reach goes product-wise, here are some examples:

Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Lufthansa, Adidas, Puma, Boss, FC Bayern Munich, Dr. Oetker, Siemens, SAP, T-Mobile, MAN, Nutella, Nivea, Bayer, Bosch, Persil, Maggi.

Germany has the manufacturing capacity. Germany has the technology. Germany has well known and trusted brands throughout the world. Germany is the most populous country in Europe, thus having largest labor force. Germany is currently also dominating Europe, dictating terms to neighboring countries in economic plight and restructuring the continent to it’s vision. For many, Germany taking the leading role in the world might be a surprise, but not for those that follow current European events.

You know the old euro-joke about heaven and hell. Heaven is where the British do the policing, the Italians are the lovers, the French are the cooks and the Germans do the engineering. Hell is where the British are the cooks, the Germans are the lovers, the French are the engineers and the Italians run the place. Yes? There are all sorts of variants being chortled over in the bars of Brussels, but that is the gist.

Well, the European set-up is heavenly at least in the sense that the Germans are unquestionably the engineers. In this celestial world we currently occupy, the cars are German, the washing-machines are German, the fibre-optics are German, the high-value medical scanners are German and the machine-tools are German. The only thing is that the result is very far from heavenly for most of the economies of Europe. In fact, the whole experiment is looking more hellish by the day.

Full article: It’s too late for other Europeans to be as efficient as Germans (The Telegraph)

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