German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants German austerity to dominate the European Union

To understand the European Union is to understand Germany is the core nation. Therefore, to understand where the EU is heading we must look closer at its respective foreign policy and regional ambitions as the main drivers behind the continent’s future.

The Eurozone crisis is turning into a bonfire, and along comes German Chancellor Angela Merkel trying to put it out with gasoline. Look, she’s bringing her little red canister to Monday’s European Council summit.

While other European nations were tangled up trying to rescue Greece ahead of the meeting, she said this week not just that Greece may be beyond rescue, which may well be true, but that the solution to the crisis lies in greater political union within Europe. The clause that went unspoken was that German-style austerity is in charge, as it has been for two years since the Eurozone conflagration began, with resistance from everyone including the European Central Bank in Frankfurt.

She foresees a future European central government, its powers expanding with time. She said the European Court of Justice must become the EU’s supreme court and be allowed to decide the public spending and budget of the EU’s 17 nations. “That means giving our (European) institutions more monitoring rights — and more bite . . . greater integration would involve the European court of justice enforcing controls for national budgets.” Yeah, Berlin (and Paris, because Nicolas Sarkozy is suddenly Merkel’s best friend) sets Britain’s health care budget. That would work.

She said this and many other things in an interview with The Guardian and five other newspapers including El Pais, Le Monde and La Stampa, and with that she scared the daylights out of politicians in Europe and elsewhere.

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