Iran Threatens U.S., Persian Gulf Cities with Missile Attacks

Although Iran would certainly stand to lose a military conflict against America and a coalition, the capability they possess should not be taken for granted. What is the protection against hundreds, if not thousands, of small attack boats swarming carrier fleets?  What is the protection for allied military units in the region against thousands of missiles such as the advanced S-300 (and possibly S-400) and Sunburn missiles the Soviet Union has sent them? These conditions must be heavily considered or the price will be quite heavy for victory.

Iran might pound Persian Gulf cities with ballistic missiles and use swift boats to attack American war ships in an attempt to dissuade a U.S. attack on its nuclear arms sites, a new report states.

Tehran likely would employ a mixed game plan against the U.S. military consisting of “advanced technology” and “guerilla tactics,” according to a research organization with close ties to the Pentagon.

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