Proof of Market Manipulation

It’s right under our noses and most of the general public thinks that what has transpired since 2008 is the usual healthy cyclical routine just “going through the phases” of the economic cycle. Wrong. This is economic warfare. Plain and simple.

One of the attempted criticisms leveled against  the hypothesis of financial terrorism has been that the markets were simply too large and too complex to be manipulated. In the 2009 report prepared for the Department of Defense, Economic Warfare: Risks and Responses, we laid out a clear three-phased financial terror attack. The first phase  included oil price manipulation. The second phase was about “bear raids” against key financial services firms. Because these firms were “systemic” in nature, a successful attack, if sufficient in scope, would be believed capable of severely impacting the entire economy. The third phase was defined as an attack on our currency and sovereign debt.

In response to the criticism, we have provided support for the hypothesis from a variety of perspectives. This includes testimony from market participants, data that demonstrates unusual activity, and direct statements of intention by potential perpetrators. Despite this, most of Wall Street has remained dismissive with little regard for the evidence assembled. As one example, I recently had a direct conversation with the manager of a well-known energy-based hedge fund. He basically said, “that’s simply not how markets work.” He was certain that it would be nearly impossible to manipulate energy markets and provided a theoretical basis for his belief. The problem is, however, that his theory required certain assumptions that simply don’t match reality. Just to be thorough, I engaged the Professor Emeritus for the Economics Department at one of America’s most prestigious research universities. After reviewing the discussion in detail, the Professor concluded that the hedge fund manager either didn’t understand how markets work or had a vested interest in ignoring the truth. I’ll publish some of that information in a future post. Basically, it will prove that Phase One really did happen.

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