Leaked: Germany’s Latest Plan to Dominate Europe

Economically conquered, one European nation at a time:

Why does Germany see Ireland’s budget plans before the Irish Parliament does?

Germany wants highly-indebted eurozone countries to be subject to automatic sanctions and a European Monetary Fund to manage the bailouts, according to a German Foreign Office memo leaked to the Telegraph. Germany is plotting to make these changes in such a way that they don’t trigger a referendum in the UK.

“Further development in the area of fiscal policy in the eurozone is essential for the permanent stabilization of the euro, and also of utmost importance for the entire EU,” states the memo.

Under the proposal, nations that violate the Stability and Growth Pact could be taken before the European Court of Justice.

“To what extent persistent violation of the provisions of the Stability and Growth Pact could result in intervention in the budgets of member states should be fully assessed,” says the memo. “In the discussion it has been suggested that the post of a European ‘stability commissioner’ could be established, who would have the right of direct intervention in national budgets in the event of permanent breaches of the Stability Pact, or could make suggestions for relevant Council decisions.”

If a nation receives a bailout, the European Union should have the power to veto its budget before it is presented to the national parliament, the document says. If that nation cannot stick to the terms of the bailout, “it can have concrete budgetary measures imposed upon it.”

“Furthermore, it should be checked—as a last resort—if even more stringent measures are required,” it states.

The memo also says that Germany wants to make the changes to EU treaties to affect mainly the eurozone, to try to prevent the changes triggering a referendum in the UK.

Another leak appears to demonstrate the power over national budgets that Germany has already. Reuters reports that the Bundestag budget committee received details of Ireland’s budget before the Irish Parliament did.

The possibility that Germany gets to see the Irish budget before the elected representatives of the Irish people do raises important questions about who really runs Ireland.

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One response to “Leaked: Germany’s Latest Plan to Dominate Europe

  1. Financiers’ Reich is Buying Some European Countries
    Major German and British investment banks and financiers who are the main creditors and lenders for many European countries in the last twenty years deliberately created the current European sovereign debt disasters to gain control over certain countries.
    How to Buy a European Country?
    EU and Banks are Weapons of Mass Slavery
    Bad loans are actually toxic loans because they are poisonous. It is a calculated gamble and a secure one with the definite support from the governments of creditors, namely: Germany; UK; and France.

    I stated many questions about the initial silence and roles of these governments and their controlled EU institutions.
    The core of the problem was “irresponsible lending by banks”. A credit bubble was created through banks’ lending out money to individuals and businesses to acquire assets that proved to be worth less than the amount of the loans. This was especially true in the real estate sector – something we also saw happening in the United States.

    What is called “irresponsible lending by banks” is actually a deliberate act of sabotage for the sovereignty of specifically targeted some European states.

    It is a replay of the tragic comedy “The Merchant of Venice”. Cutting a iuſt pound of his fleſh
    But can the money lenders take their loot without dropping blood?

    These debts were made with evil intentions and they must be either written off or rescheduled by the people without additional usury.