Merkel Says Germany Ready to Cede Some Sovereignty to EU

The irony in this is that the EU had originated from mostly the input of German-Franco ideas, then was further cemented by the Maastricht Treaty. As time has passed since World War II, Germany’s industrial capacity grew and the economic powerhouse became what it is today. Because of its economic growth, it’s influence has grown and it is now leading Europe and dictating terms to sovereign countries such as Greece who can no longer even help themselves. Moreover, this leads one to believe that this was the intent from the beginning. In this short article, we see that the German-led EU is leading by doing and this will only persuade the largest economies within the region that are “too big to fail” to follow suit as they cling to survival with Germany as their protectorate. Germany is saying “We lead Europe. We own and are Europe.” In hindsight, it’s not ironic at all, but by design.

Nov. 16 (Bloomberg) — Germany is prepared to cede some national sovereignty to the European Union to achieve closer economic and political ties, Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

“Germany wants a strong European Union with 27 members,” Merkel told reporters in Berlin today. It also “also wants a 17-member euro zone as strong and that inspires confidence,” she said. “We are prepared to give up a piece of national sovereignty” to achieve that.

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