The purpose of Global Geopolitics is to present impactful and up-to-date geopolitical developments to the reader that has affected, or will affect our daily lives. Being that geopolitics is multidisciplinary in its scope, Global Geopolitics will place focus on presenting you information regarding events in the areas of economics, finance, military, national security, terrorism, regional politics, international relations and religion with additional commentary/analysis from time to time.

On posting comments

In managing this site, it will be attempted to do so with a just and even hand. Free speech and expression in a classical liberal sense is encouraged. However, they are not unrestricted:

  • No anti-Semitism
  • No racial slurs or supremacy notions
  • No propagandizing by agenda-driven adherents
  • No profanity
  • No ad hominem attacks
  • No armed rebellion notions
  • No New World Order (NWO) Conspiracy “Theory-ism” — this is not an ‘Alex Jones’ website.

If your comment never saw a green light, it likely violated one or more of the requirements.

Global Geopolitics welcomes all commentary so long as it is constructive, not disruptive. Free speech, but not a free-for-all.

13 responses to “About

  1. Thank you for stopping by my Blog, otherwise i might never have run across yours! brilliant concept, be assured I will be revisiting often. Once again thanks

  2. Thank you for following my blog! … blogging has opened up my eyes to a whole other community/world even of people and interests and topics…. thanks for sharing and informing.

    • Hi Craig,

      The color scheme is likely to stick around for a while. It looks crisp and clear from a few different computers where posts are made from. Please check your monitor settings. Thanks for stopping by.

    • This might disappoint you, but no. However, it’s highly appreciated that someone on Fark has taken his or her time to recognize this site and seek out more info than what the “msm” tells them. Thanks for the comment, stopping by and feel free to come back again.

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